The Japanese dormitory area of Shueijiaoshe was a housing community for military personnel who served in Tainan Navy Air Squadron, and their dependents. After the National Government relocated to Taiwan, Shueijiaoshe was taken over by the Aviation Commission (the predecessor of the Air Force Headquarters) and was used as the base for the 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing. More housing facilities were then built to provide accomodation for military personnel and their dependents in Shueijiaoshe.

In 2004, Shueijiaoshe was designated by Tainan City Government as site of cultural heritage, and became known as the “Primary Dormitory Area of Shueijiaoshe and the Cultural Landscape”. It has since become an important monument for preserving the cultural assets of military housing communities in Tainan. “Shueijiaoshe Cultural Park”, which was established at the same location, and opened to the public on December 25th of 2019, with 8 exhibition spaces displaying different themes.