園區沿革 About Shueijiaoshe

水交社文化園區About Shueijiaoshe



The Japanese-style residences of Shueijiaoshe were the housing community for military personnel in Tainan Naval Air Force and their family dependents. After the National Government relocated to Taiwan, Shueijiaoshe was taken over by the Aviation Commission (the predecessor of the Air Force Headquarters) and was used as the base for the 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing. More housing facilities were then built at the site for military personnel and their families.

In 2004, Shueijiaoshe was designated by Tainan City Government as cultural heritage in the name, “Primary Dormitory Area of Shueijiaoshe and the Cultural Landscape”. To preserve cultural assets of military housing community in Tainan, “Shueijiaoshe Cultural Park” was established at the same location and opened to the public in 2019.