Theme Hall

敝墟書店 Needed Bookstore



The story starts from a “fictitious” bookstore, through which, the curator adaptively reuses the old house for a new book exhibition in this theme hall. In the title, Needed Bookstore, “needed” actually comprises two words in Chinese: “Bi” literally means a cultured and modest person while “xu” generally indicates a village or where people gather around. So, the combination of “bi-xu” can be interpreted as a gathering place for people to read and to gain knowledge. In addition, “bi-xu” has the same pronunciation as the word “needed” in Chinese. The core concept of this bookstore can hence be realized as: “Culture and reading are needed in life.”

The space integrates a themed exhibition, reading zone, multimedia room, favorite selections, and art corners for presenting creations of the artists. Through the artistic ambience, this public space is transformed to a cozy reading environment which enhances the cultural atmosphere in the park. The sense of serenity created by the Japanese-style building has been retained. Cultural abundance and diversity of Tainan and its unique history of the military community are gently manifested


週三-週日 09:00-12:00;13:00-16:30 (借閱時間至16:00)
 地址  臺南市南區興中街75號
 電話  (06)2633467
 入場須知  為維護古蹟建築,進入書店必須著襪(書店有販售園區限定款棉襪 品質好值得你擁有)