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o you miss the red velvet, traditional Chinese silk dress embroidered with flowers that your mother used to wear during the Chinese New Year when you were little? Do you want to know the touching stories behind these glamorous dresses? Every year, during Chinese New Year’s Eve reunions, do you miss hearing the adventures told by your father and uncles about how they bravely fought with the Japanese army and the communists while risking their lives to take families out of war zones? Have you ever adored a handsome young soldier in a smart uniform who lived in the neighborhood of the military community, and have you fantasized about sharing a romantic ballroom dance with him, or have you ever fancied the pretty, easygoing girl living next door, and have you dreamt about dating her to see a sunset or to go for shaved ice with a sweet bean topping in an ice bar? Although some buildings in the community have been demolished, the memories belonging to the place will stay alive and last forever.

The Exhibition Space presents memories and life stories crossing three generations in Shueijiaoshe, while celebrating the good old days to commemorate the years that we spent together, that we miss and loved, as well as the memories still lingering in our minds. For those who share these nostalgic sentiments and who wish to realize their dreams, let us become immersed in and re-consider the history. Through immortal legends and the reminiscences of forever-young memories, we shall re-embrace the beauty and charm of Shueijiaoshe.