Community Canteen

相聚而生 X 用新意煮出心意 X 用美味留下回味




Community Canteen

To gather X Innovative and Creative Cooking X Experience of Delicacy and MemoryMilitary community, which symbolizes a collective memory in generations, rooted in Taiwan with the settlement of members of the air force and their dependents from Mainland China. Residents in these military communities reminisced about the food from their hometowns. Noodle to Gather has created modern healthy meals with a fusion of nostalgic flavors, and has revitalized memories of the past to create new memories for the present day military. To highlight the hospitality in the community, Noodle to Gather presents the hustle and bustle of Shueijiaoshe market, and its spirit of sharing, eating together, and helping each within the military families. With devotion to, and a passion for, flour-based food, Noodle to Gather introduces delicious food into our everyday life to introduce Shueijiaoshe to Taiwan, to pass down the quality of warm-heartedness to future generations.


週三週日 11:3020:30


地址 臺南市南區興中街116巷7號

電話 (06)2632977