Special Exhibition Gallery

微微光 WeWe Lite




An old house with history, living in the modern times, continues to write its new chapter without an ending. Collecting stories of lovers, family bonding, and friendship, we are a bunch of naïve visionaries who love to dream, to create, and to make life better. Collectively, we founded WeWe Lite, where we shall keep making stories and extending our love to all.

Surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere, standing firmly as always, it patiently waits for every gathering and companion in the past and the future. Light casts shadow of lattice window into the corridor. Strolling freely right here, right now, we can perceive the flow of time from the shift of sunlight.

The unique architectural atmosphere of the antique house allows WeWe Lite to show visitors an epitome of history through holding various events incorporating aesthetic of living, art, and music. It’s like the best projector to showcase the change of eras, with a shimmer of light, welcoming all to walk in and experience.